English 384:PQQ - Writing for Electronic Media (Spring 2009)
Michael J. Cripps, Ph.D.

Individual Weblog Project

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Once you've created your blog, you're ready to roll. This assignment challenges you to get blogging!

The Task

  1. Visit Blogger.com (it's part of Google), take the quick tour, take some notes, and create a blog. (Need help? View the Screencasts.)
  2. Read the notes you took when you took the "quick tour" of Blogger.
  3. Consider what you want your blog to be about (a hobby, perhaps). See Important Note below.
    • Think about your notes and your blog topic.
  4. Make your first post on your blog a post about the use of blogs in general, and about your blog topic in particular.
  5. Blog at your site at least once each week throughout the term.
    • There is no minimum word count, but see Rule 2 (below).
  6. Explore the many features possible in a blog, and work to implement them.

After you create your blog and make the first post, email (cripps@york.cuny.edu) a link to your blog so I can update our course blogroll.

Three Rules for Individual Blogs

1. You must blog at least once each week during the term, starting with Week 2 (14 posts, minimum).
2. Blog posts must engage your blog's "topic" and must work within the blog genre (see readings).
3. You must explore (and exploit!) the features of the blog software (templates, feeds, images, links, and more.)

It's your blog. Run with it! I hope you will blog at your individual blog more than once per week, but it isn't required.

Important Note

You are not expected to blog about the course in your personal blog. (We have a course blog for that.) Blog about something that interests you enough that you'll post observations/reflections/commentary on whatever that something is. (People blog about food, music, politics, their children, or anything, really.) Choose something that you know enough about to have opinions or a perspective. Find a topic that excites you, think about the people in the world who might read your blog (your audience), and blog regularly in interesting ways.

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